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Have you ever wondered about the colour concentrates that bring visual appeal to the products? Do you know that pigments are solid and dry colouring substances? Well, they are usually suspended in a liquid solution to create dyes, ink and, paint. Masterbatches, on the other hand, are more advanced. They are encapsulated by a polymer and feature a specific concentration of additives and pigments.

But why Masterbatch?

Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments and additives that give colour and other properties to plastic products. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to add colour, texture, strength and other features to plastic products.


The advantages of masterbatch typically outweigh those of raw pigments. Some of the most significant benefits of masterbatch are:

  • Masterbatch enables more precise opacity or transparency control of finished coloured products than raw pigments.
  • It contains additive materials in predetermined ratios, reducing the possibility of variation during manufacturing.
  • When working with large orders, masterbatch provides users with better colour constancy.
  • Because the masterbatch’s binding agents and the polymers being utilised are matched, melting processes are improved.
  • In contrast to masterbatch, pigments have the potential to become airborne during processing, giving them the ability to contaminate nearby production lines.
  • There is less pigment contained in a masterbatch. However, when a product is in its raw and powdered state, the amount of pigment it needs rises.
  • Compared to raw pigments, masterbatch delivers superior colour consistency for products.

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